Blonde d' Aquitaine F2

These animals are characterized by presenting excellent body shaping, longilline animals, with wide, horizontal and rounded profiles. They have a very expressive and light head, provided with horns. Its skin is brown in color, varying from dark to light, with light areas around the eyes and the nose, inside limbs, and lower abdomen. Males are very walkers, while females are very good mothers. Thanks to the morphological characteristics of the pelvis, and in particular to its wide opening, the cow has no difficulties in childbirth. The calves are longilinear and thin at birth, presenting a remarkable speed of growth, development and fattening, which is why this breed is used in industrial crossings.


It is a specialized meat breed of great body development, characterized mainly by the balance of its skeleton, on which thick and plump muscles are inserted and by a remarkable body length. The weight of adult animals is between 1,300 and 1,500 Kilos for males and 850 to 1,100 Kilos for females.

CAP: unicolor, brunette, they vary from light to dark, often colored, with lighter haloes around the eyes and the nose, on the inside of the thighs, on the belly and on the cane; pink mucous without brown halo; darker blonde horns at the ends; clear hooves.

HEAD: Expressive and light. Straight profile or slightly convex; triangular face, front and wide nose.

BACK TRADE: very muscular; broad rump, longer than wide; tail that does not protrude; solid legs especially in the upper part; rounded stock and buttocks well lowered.

PREVIOUS TERTIUM: muscled wide cross, deep chest with rounded ribs; welded backs.

BODY: very long and well balanced; rather thin bones; correct aplomos that allow an easy march.

BACK: wide and horizontal, muscular and thick kidney, well attached to the rump.

PELVIS: very well formed of which facilitates deliveries a lot.

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