Family tradition.

Founded on May 24, 1985

Gacha Libertad

Welcome to our Ranch

Generation after generation we will continue to offer the best livestock genetics worldwide.


Our history

  • 1985

    Rancho Gacha Libertad is founded on May 24, 1985 by Mr. Víctor Martínez Ramos and Mrs. Trinidad Tuanama Lozano. (Husbands, Grandparents).
  • Then it becomes the property of their children; Mrs. María Martínez Tuanama and Mr. Roger Campos Pinedo. (Husbands, Parents)
  • Present

    Currently and following the family tradition Rancho Gacha Libertad is in charge of its owner Mr. Carlin Campos Martínez and Mrs. Alicia González Vela (Husbands, Children). And so we will continue to leave our legacy to our children and grandchildren from generation to generation.


We are a company dedicated to the breeding and sale of LIVESTOCK, offering the best pure cattle of the RACE Blonde D'Aquitaine and F2; and the sale of TOROS for meats.

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